Thanks to the document from Asia Pacific Equity Research and some korean insiders we can inform you about the Product Roadmap from Apple and the display size and technology details. This informations are real becaus of the informations of the supply chain companies. This document suggest a bigger iPhone6 and iPhone6S, iWatch with Plastic OLED, and a bigger iPad Pro. Apple iWatch with POLED from LG-Display Our website is focused on OLED so lets start with the first product from Apple which use a OLED Display. This report believes that Apples Smartwatch are possible in two sizes a 1.3 inch and a 1.6 inch. The resolution of both sizes are 320×320 pixel with 348ppi or 278ppi with a On-Cell Touch panel.Supplier Candidates are LGD-Display for the POLED, TPK&GIS cover lamination GT for the sapphire material.Apple plan tu ose a Plastic OLED screen with sapphire glass hybrid cover. As a example Sonys Smartwatch2 1.6 inch 220×176 pixels use a LCD Screen with a glass cover. Samsung use a 1.63 inch AMOLED 320×320 Pixel with spphire cover. LG Display is ready to produce enough Displays with their 4.5G plant (14K/month) for Apple

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Apples iWatch with P-OLED and Product Roadmap 2014/15 – New Product Apple Roadmap iWatch, iPhone6, IPhone6S, iPad Pro DIsplay size details!