This is APples Smartwatch the Apple Watch has a flexible OLED Retina Display with machine polished sapphire screen!It’s laminated to a single crystal of sapphire, the hardest transparent material after diamond. Apple use a Plastic OLED from LG-Display ! More details in a few minutes! Apple Watch has an amazing and rich design story.” And now it’s a Jony Ive video, as you’d normally expect. The Apple watch feature a custom developed S1 Chip that integrates many systems into one chipset. This new smartwatch from Apple features also MagSafe and wireless inductive charger, allowing for wireless charging! There are four LED lenses. It detects your pulse rate. There’s also a gyroscope and accelerometer.There are six different straps and a mechanism that makes those straps interchangeable. You can choose leather, polymer, metal mesh and stainless steel strap options, also you can buy three watch collections. stainless steel; the Sport comes with a aluminum casing; and the Apple Edition is made of 18k gold. Apple Watch is an entirely new opportunity for developers

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Apple Watch flexible Retina OLED – It has a flexible Retina Display. Machine-polished sapphire screen.