The Apple iPad Air3 (provisional name) will be released with a oxide TFT LCD Display instead a OLED Display. The new Tablet Pc from Apple should be released in the second half of 2015, the company want to reduce the thickness of the iPad and decrease the power consumption by more than half. This technical features are ideal for AMOLED Displays. But Apple plan also for their next products to use LCD Displays (oxide) , the major manufacturer Samsung Display, LG-Display, Sharp, must strenghten their investemts to deliver enough oxide TFT LCDs to Apple. Apple send a request to the named companies to develop a oxide TFT LCD for its 9.7 inch iPad Air. Yes we know Sharp is producing already Oxide LCD for iPad the amount of use by Apple is not large because of issues concerning yield. Apple is under pressure because Samsung introduced the Galaxy S Tab series with Super-Amoled which is the best Tablet Pc Display on the market. Why Apple plans with oxide LCD? Apple did not want to buy Super-Amoleds from their major rival Samsung! They have no leadership in that display technology, everybody know Super-AMoled is produced from Samsung Display.

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Apple iPad Air 3 with Oxide TFT LCD – oxide TFT LCD instead of OLED Display