SEL Semiconductor Energy Laboratory R&D developed an AMOLED with a very high resolution of 1,058ppi. SEL showcase this new hig ppi Panel at the DIsplay Innovation 2014 event Yokohama City Japan. The idea is to use that high resolution OLED Display in a viewfinder. The company showcase this in a demo at this event. More details about the Display, this panel has 2.8 inch with 2560×1440 PIXELs . Semiconductor Energy Laboratory are use a c-axis aligned oxide semiconductor for the backplane. Its gate driver is formed on a substrate, and its source driver is realized by COF (chip on film). What do you think about the pixel size? It measures only 24 x 24μm, with a aperture ratio of 30%.

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2.8-inch 1058ppi OLED Panel from SEL – SEL showcased a OLED with 2560×1440 Pixels